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The Activated Artist:
Inspired and In Charge

Your journey to reclaiming time and transforming your tattoo artistry begins…

It's time to work smarter, not harder!

Is this class right for me?

It's time to cultivate the mindset and energy of a “boss”, establish rock-solid business policies, and embrace automations for efficiency, so that you can spend more time doing the fun things and less time feeling overworked. Let's elevate your career and lifestyle together.

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This program was designed with the tattoo entrepreneur in mind. This program is perfect for the solo tattoo entrepreneur or the shop owner. The ‘Activated Artist’ is all about using business strategies to elevate and organize your business in a way that lets your tattoo business run itself. This program is designed to make your business stand out as a professional and artistic amazing tattoo studio with very little effort. But more importantly, this program is designed to give you your time back so that you can enjoy your life outside of work.

'The Activated Artist' encompasses it all from the mindset and the energetics to the tangible strategies to implement in your business right away. We will cover all the bases for giving you a beautiful balance between a successful tattoo business and a fulfilled life outside of work. We'll dive deep into both the hippie woo woo and the organized strategy.

Why 'The Activated Artist' Mentorship?

I understand the unique challenges tattoo artists face – the constant demand for creativity, the business intricacies, and the struggle to find time for personal well-being. This mentorship program is designed to empower you with the tools needed not just for success in the studio but also for a more balanced, fulfilling life.

What's Included:


Cultivate the Mindset of a Boss/CEO

Discover the mindset shifts and energetic tools that will empower you to lead your tattoo studio with confidence. From decision-making to strategic planning, learn how to approach your artistry as a business leader. Learn to embrace and run the energy of a boss, rather than an employee.  We will explore visualization, meditation, and EFT tapping techniques to remove blocks and shift your energy.


Rock-Solid Business Policies and Procedures

Establishing clear and effective policies is the backbone of a thriving tattoo business. Dive into creating policies that streamline operations, foster client trust, and set the stage for long-term success.


Automations for Efficiency and Time Saving

Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks. Learn how to leverage automations to streamline your processes, allowing you to focus on your art and have more time for personal pursuits. Keep your revenue to yourself, because with these automations you won't need an assistant.

This mentorship program is specifically designed for the tattoo artist who:

1 / Wants to truly embody the mindset of a CEO...

You already own or want to own a tattoo business and desire to feel empowered and in charge of your business.

2 / Knows their tattoo skills are on point ...

You feel great about your tattoo abilities and have a lot of clients and a full schedule to show for it.

3 / Doesn't want to play or hire a receptionist...

You want to spend more time on your art and less time with emails, calls, messages and scheduling, but you don't want to spend your hard earned money on hiring an assistant.

4 / Is overworked and burning out...

You became an entrepreneur to have freedom but have found that you  work more hours than ever before and want your time back.

5 / Knows their work speaks for itself...

You want your portfolio and business to stand out from the crowd as professional and artistic.


What You'll Learn:

  • How to practice Megan’s tried and true 5 Part Framework: Leader Mindset, Organize Like a Boss, Set It and Forget It, Stand Out From the Crowd, Keep the Motivation

  • Implementation for stepping into the energy of a leader, time management, and keeping on track through meditation, visualization and EFT tapping.

  • Practice techniques to heal energy that is holding you back from true success

  • Develop skills for using long lasting business automations.

  • Learn simple techniques for creating a professional and stand out portfolio on social media and on your own website

The 5 Part Framework



Cultivate confidence, success, CEO energy, more money



Formulate rock solid policies and procedures



Implement automation strategies to save time and energy



Showcase a stunning portfolio online



Business changes for lifetime rewards


Maybe you're like me...

If you're like me, you didn't become a tattoo artist to live an ordinary life. You chose to have a cool job. You chose to make art every day. You chose to connect with people. That’s an extraordinary life.

But for years I struggled as a business owner and was drained and tired all the time because I worked more hours than ever. Between endless emails, phone calls, social media messages and of course tattooing, I didn't have any time to myself. I so desperately wanted to be successful in business and in art, but I knew I couldn't continue at this pace with the amount of hours I was working. And I didn't want to cut back on tattooing hours and reduce my income.

Over the course of several years I learned how to make solid business policies and procedures that are easy to follow and easy for clients to understand. Then I backed this up with streamlined automation services to reduce the time I had to spend on the phone and computer to allow me to spend my time how I wanted.

This transition into making my business easy to run, allowed me to truly embrace the energy and mindset of a powerful CEO and badass artist. I no longer feel like the receptionist, the coordinator, the scheduler, the advertiser… I feel in charge and inspired.

I wish I had this model years ago when I started my tattoo shop. But now I do and I truly want to help other creatives live a balanced and fulfilling life.

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Here's What You Get:

6 detailed self-paced modules with videos and worksheets that will teach you energetic strategies such as meditation, visualization, and EFT tapping along with business strategies like policy implementation and automations

A deep dive into Megan’s proven strategies for saving hours of work on tasks like scheduling, emailing, messaging

Lifetime access to the program to reinspire yourself or learn new tips and tricks as they become available

Guided meditation and EFT tapping, worksheets and in depth step by step tutorials
A beautifully and professionally presented portfolio for social media and website

A beautifully and professionally presented portfolio for social media and website


Ready to Reclaim Your Time and Transform Your Career?

Take the first step towards a more balanced, thriving career and lifestyle. Sign up now for 'The Activated Artist' Mentorship and redefine what success looks like for you.

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