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Our artistic vision


"Just because it is not in a museum does not mean it is not art"

Megan Wood, owner and founder brings 14 years of tattoo experience and an extensive art background to deliver the most detailed and beautiful tattoos of your dreams. She tattoos in the style of color realism, black and gray realism, and artistic watercolor and loves to tattoo goddesses, warriors, flowers, animals, outer space, artistic portraits and more!

Our goal here at Rose Noir Tattoo Studio is not only to give you an amazing artistic tattoo, but to also provide you with an experience where you feel comfortable and expressive. A tattoo is a way to show the world a little about what’s inside of us, and we want to help you feel like your highest and truest version of you! We want you to feel beautiful in your skin. We are here to assist you in your transformation and journey of your highest expression through bringing art to the world.

7311 Village Parkway, Dublin, CA 94568

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