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About Megan Wood


About Megan

making art to impact people’s lives.

I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember-- drawing, painting, sculpting-- pure creating. The thing about making art for yourself at home is that it often ends up being stored in closet or in the garage, dark and unseen. I wanted to make art for people to gaze upon, to invoke or awaken something inside them, to bring art to the world. The art of tattooing allows me to give art to people who will carry it with them forever.


Tattooing lets me to be a small part of an individual’s transformation. The power of a tattoo can be the power to heal and grow. It’s so much more than skin deep. They decorate the body, but they celebrate what makes a person uniquely them. Traditionally the sacred and ancient practice of tattooing represents a rite of passage where the receiver of the tattoo is marked to celebrate a significant stage of life. That stage is different for everyone, and that’s the beautiful part because it creates a variety of unique artwork. A tattoo shows a part of the inner self on the outer vessel. That’s powerful! It helps people embody their true selves. Once it’s marked on the skin, there’s no hiding it—the world will be blessed with a small part of your soul.


A tattoo can not only transform, but it can heal us as well. I grew up in a home where the healing arts are very important to us. My mom taught me the healing art of Reiki when I was a young child. While Reiki may not be my primary focus in life, I use it more often than I realize. Reiki is very useful during a tattoo for soothe the irritated skin. Not too long ago, I had a vivid vision of myself tattooing with a beautiful beam of bright healing energy coming from the depths of the universe into my left hand. Another beam of multicolored energy came through my head, into my heart, and out to my right hand (my tattooing hand). During this meditative vision, I was awakened to my purpose as a tattoo artist: I am here to help people become the best versions of themselves. When we are all our best versions, the world is a better place.

"I want my heart
and my passions
to be the most beautiful things about me." 

-Rainbow Rowe


When I’m not tattooing, I constantly practice working on myself and my growth. My mind and spirit are nourished and challenged though different healing modalities like meditation, EFT Tapping, and exercise. These activities help me maintain and enhance a high positive vibration. In my free time I love hiking or soaking in a sunny beach day, connecting to nature. I enjoy gardening and growing my own vegetables and flowers, connecting to Mother Earth. I also like exercising activities such as weightlifting and martial arts, connecting to my body. Traveling and seeing new places is my absolute favorite experience, connecting to the world. I love fast cars and scenic drives, connecting to the thrills of life. Each of these hobbies inspires my creativity and keeps me artistically sharp.

Rose Noir Studio named
Best  Tattoo  Shop of 

2019, 2020,  2021 & 2022!

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