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Books Closed!

 We have temporarily paused new bookings of consultations and tattoo sessions at this time as we are currently fully booked.


April 2023 for consults, tattoo sessions for early to mid 2024.

If you'd like to be notified when books reopen,

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If you already have an appointment scheduled, you're good to go.  

The consultation is the starting point for your tattoo art. 

Tuesdays:  6:00pm to 7:30pm

Wednesdays: 10:30 am to 12:00 noon.

Please remember to check out our portfolio and read through our tattoo info before booking to make sure we are a good fit! Consultations are bookable 30 days advance when books are open. If there are no appointment options available, please check back in a few weeks. More consultations will be added to the calendar periodically. 

Please click the link below to book your consultation! 

tattoo session

Tattoo sessions should be reserved 9-12 months (or more) in advance. Please note, consultations are required prior to booking sessions. 

To streamline and maximize scheduling

we have 2 session lengths available.

Full Day Session: 5 hours +

Appointment Start Time: 10:30am -12:00pm


Half Day Session: 3-4 hours

Appointment Start Time: 10:30am -11:00am

or 4:00-5:00pm

(minimum session time is 3 hours, no small pieces)

contact us


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Open most days about 10 or 11.
Occasionally as early as 9,
but somedays as late as 12 or 1.
We close about 7 or 8,
but sometimes as late as 9.
Some days or afternoons we aren’t here at all,
but lately we are here just about all the time.


Scheduling Appointments at

Rose Noir Tattoo & Beauty Studio


All services are by appointment only. 

For tattoo appointments:  Megan prioritizes her schedule and bookings based on tattoos and projects that she specializes in and ONLY tattoos in those specialty styles. Hopefully you have seen her portfolio and are familiar with the work that she does and are asking for something within the styles she specializes in (color realism, black and gray realism, watercolor, artistic style, floral, nature, animals, outer space, and a few others- please ask!). She also only works with medium or large-scale projects; her session minimum is 3 hours, therefore she does not do small or simplistic tattoos.

A note from Megan: I have spent several years developing my specialties and am excited to devote my time and attention to delivering the best possible tattoos within my field of expertise.  There are several styles I simply do not do because of my own lack of enthusiasm for them: American Traditional, Japanese, lettering, new-school, neo-traditional, minimalism, and tribal. I also only work with medium or large-scale projects; my session minimum is 3 hours. As an artist I feel it is vital to be excited about each tattoo I make. My best work comes from artistic freedom and styles that I enjoy. It feels best and fair to only offer my appointments to projects that I know I can make amazing!

Additionally, because of my full schedule I design tattoos one to two days before the appointment date. Unfortunately, I cannot give finalized deigns or much attention and communication months or weeks before scheduled appointments. If you feel you need constant contact about your tattoo design, I am not the artist for you. Thank you for your understanding!


You must first come in for a consultation. The consultation usually takes about 15 minutes. During the consultation you and the artist will discuss all the details of what you want for your tattoo (color or black and gray, style, placement, size, etc.) The consultation enables the artist to estimate the amount of time needed to complete your tattoo and therefore allows for scheduling for the appropriate amount of time.

APPOINTMENTS REQUIRED - Please schedule your consultation appointment using the links above!

We cannot accommodate walk-ins or take same day appointments. 

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