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What makes us unique?

From the state of the art facility to the pain-free tattoo experience, Rose Noir Studio takes a different approach to the art of tattooing. Artist Megan Wood specializes  in super detailed realism and painterly artistic style of tattooing.


How to Book

We recommend starting off by looking through the portfolio images to familiarize yourself with the style of tattoo art we offer. From there we meet for an in-person consultation so we can get your tattoo process underway.

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Meet the Artist

A professional tattoo artist of 14 years, Megan truly loves her craft and shows her artistic passion in every tattoo. She strives to create a tattoo experience that enhances your spirit as well as beautifying your skin. She has recently won 2 awards for best color tattoos! 

Color realism

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arm sleeve tattoo
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tattoo sleeve
crystal moon tattoo
astronaut space tattoo
flower tattoo
witch tattoo woman
shaman woman tattoo
red rose butterfly tattoo
red rose lace tattoo
dahlia flower tattoo
watercolor flower floral tattoo
rose watercolor tattoo
floral tattoo sunflower
hald flower half butterfly tattoo
outerspace tattoo galaxy
alien galaxy space tattoo
alien galaxy outerspace tattoo
black hole planet tattoo
floral tattoo
peony tattoo
amethyst crystal tattoo
plumeria hummingbird tattoo
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russian nesting dolls tattoo
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hibiscus rose dahlia tattoo
floral hummingbird tattoo
galaxy tattoo
rose butterfly tattoo
bird orchid tattoo
red rose tattoo
family flower tatoo
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butterfly stargazer lily ladybug tat
stargazer lily tattoo
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watercolor &
artistic style 

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watercolor rose tattoo
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sunflower watercolor tattoo
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witch tattoo woman
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Black & gray realism


Tattoo Photo Gallery

Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.

— Michelle Delio

Megan Wood, tattoo artist of 14 years, specializes watercolor, realistic color, and black and gray realism styles. Her best work comes from artistic freedom and styles that she truly enjoys.  Megan ONLY tattoos in her specialty styles, so please check out her portfolio for examples and schedule a consultation to further discuss your ideas.

Rose Noir is an award winning, state of the art tattoo facility using all of the best top of the line equipment from design to implementation to provide our clients with a luxury tattoo experience.

From the start you will preview your tattoo design/mock-up on a 28" touch screen computer allowing quick and easy edits to assure your tattoo design is perfect for you.  Stencils are printed directly from the drawing to provide total accuracy.

During the tattoo you will experience the highest quality and most versatile tattoo machines that are powered a rotary motor which means a less painful and quicker healing tattoo for you! We use Intenze Ink, the best and brightest tattoo pigment colors. And if that's not enough, numbing gel is available to help take the edge off and to allow you to sit for a longer session.

Upon completion you will not be sent home with saran wrap, that's for leftovers. You will be provided with Saniderm, the best in aftercare products and instructions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why don't you tattoo in all styles or do small tattoos?

A: Megan has spent the past several years developing her specialties and is excited to devote her time and attention to delivering the best possible tattoos within her field of expertise.  There are several styles she simply does not do because of her own lack of enthusiasm for them: American Traditional, Japanese, lettering, new-school, neo-traditional, minimalism, and tribal. She also only works with medium or large-scale projects; her session minimum is a full day session of 5-7 hours. As an artist she feels it is vital to be excited about each tattoo she makes. Megan Wood's best work comes from artistic freedom and styles that she enjoys.

Q: Do I get to see a preview of my tattoo design before my appointment?

A: No. The consultation is a very important step in conveying to the artist your tattoo design desires and details. When you choose an artist, you should pick them because you love their work and appreciate their creative and unique style. Trust that your artist will take your idea requests and design a tattoo that is completely unique to you and an art piece that you will be proud to show off. Here at Rose Noir Tattoo Studio, you and the artist will review your design at the start of your appointment and make any adjustments necessary to give you confidence that you will love your tattoo. Since Megan tattoos every day, she doesn't have much time or attention to give to designs that are weeks or months away. But rest assured, when your appointment day comes, all of the focus is on you and your kick-ass tattoo. 

If you feel that you need constant contact about your design or feel the need to micromanage the design process, Megan is not the right artist for you. 

Q: What is the tattoo process like?

A: Here at Rose Noir, we will start off with a consultation appointment. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes and is the perfect time to discuss ideas about the tattoo concerning placement, style, and subject matter. During that time, you will schedule an appointment for the tattoo itself. On tattoo day we will start by finalizing the design. Then we will move on to cleaning off your skin and getting you prepped for stenciling and/or drawing. Once the stencil/drawing is perfect, we will begin tattooing.


Q: How does a tattoo work?

A: A tattoo is a combination of pigments inserted inside the skin. This is done using needles that puncture tiny holes into both the dermis and epidermis layer of the skin, pushing ink into both layers. This causes trauma to the skin, so the human body steps in to heal itself. Liquid enzymes are sent to the surface of the skin to heal. The top layer, the dermis, will dry up and shed off as it renews itself. The lower layer of the skin, the epidermis, will heal but will remain intact (when aftercare instructions are properly executed). The epidermis is where the ink lies permanently. Ink particles will float around in between your skin cells for the remainder of your life (assuming you take great care of your tattoo!)


Q: Does a tattoo hurt?

A: Yes. Different locations on the body have different levels of sensitivity. In addition, each individual has a different level of pain tolerance and pain sensitivity. That's why we recommend numbing cream for every client whether it's your first tattoo or you have had dozens of tattoo experiences.

Q: Can I take painkillers before my tattoo appointment?

A: It is generally not advised to be under the influence of drugs (prescription or otherwise) while undergoing a tattoo procedure. Some drugs can result in thinner blood and more bleeding, which is a negative for a tattoo. You are required to sign waiver and consent forms that state you are not under the influence. And of course, your artist can usually tell if you are inebriated in any way. It is unlawful to conduct a body art procedure on persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Q: What do I do to prepare for a tattoo? Is there anything I need to avoid?

A: Before your procedure drink lots of water and make sure you eat a hearty meal. Where comfortable clothing that will allow full access to the area to be tattooed. Absolutely no drugs and alcohol- this may calm your nerves but often will make you bleed profusely which will hinder the tattoo procedure. Also, if you are intoxicated in any way, you will be turned away. Avoid any substances that thin your blood including prescribed medications.

Q: Why do I have to leave a deposit? Why is it non refundable?

A: Deposits are required to hold your appointment date and time. Your artist will do hours of work on your design research and preparation before you even arrive. The deposit lets the artist know that you are committed to honoring your appointment.

Q: Why do many artists refuse tattoos on hands?

A: The skin on the hands (and areas of the feet) is quite different from the rest of the body. On the top of our hands, the skin is typically fairly thin. The top of the hand also features more bones making for a surface that is not smooth. Unsmooth surfaces can distort the design of the tattoo. The palm of the hand and in between fingers have very thick skin that is not suitable for tattooing. The needles and ink cannot safely and adequately penetrate, leading to uneven saturation that results in premature uneven fading and ink blowouts.

Q: Is a tattoo permanent?

A: Yes, very. Think before you ink.

Q: What is the healing like for a tattoo?

A: At Rose Noir you will be given a healing patch that requires replacement. It will be worn for one week. During that time, you must avoid swimming or soaking, excessive sweating, and sun exposure. Find detailed instructions HERE

Q: Do tattoos fade? Will I need a touch up on my tattoo?

A: Tattoos that are not properly cared for can fade. Following all healing instructions is vital for a good clean heal. Beyond that, persistent sunblock use will prevent your tattoo from sun fading. Failure to care for your tattoo may result in the need for a touch up.

Q: Can I be allergic to the ink?

A: Yes, allergies to tattoo ink are not common, but they do occur. A patch test may be conducted before the procedure if you have concerns or history of allergic reactions. In rare cases allergic reaction can occur years later. It’s best to consult with a physician if you have concerns.


retainer (Deposit) Policy 

  1. Retainers are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstance. No exceptions.

  2. Your retainer will be applied to the cost of the tattoo. When multiple appointment sessions are scheduled, retainers must be placed to reserve each appointment. Retainers will be redeemed either per session or on the final session.

  3. Retainers are required for all tattoo appointments. If you do not pay a retainer, you do not have a reserved appointment.

  4. The retainer covers time/effort used to prepare for your tattoo appointment (i.e. research, drawings, etc.) and ensures your commitment, as well as ours, to your appointment.

  5. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, your retainer is forfeited, and you may need to reschedule your appointment.

  6. Retainers cannot be transferred to other tattoos or other people. This retainer is intended for the tattoo design ideas discussed and scheduled for during the consultation.

  7. You have up to 6 months from the date the deposit is placed to schedule your appointment.

  8. Because of the full schedule, design mock-ups will be reviewed when you arrive for your appointment. I cannot give finalized designs or much attention and communication months or weeks before scheduled appointments. If you feel you need constant contact about your tattoo design, I am not the artist for you.

  9. If you request significant design changes (elements that were not discussed during your consultation) you will be charged the current hourly rate for the time required to edit designs.

Cancelation/ Reschedule Policy

  1. Please commit to your appointment date. Rescheduling an appointment will result in a $50.00 rescheduling fee per appointment.

  2. A minimum of 14-days notice is required to reschedule appointments in order to keep your retainer.

  3. Canceling within 2 weeks of your appointment results in the loss of your retainer. An additional retainer will be required to schedule another appointment.

  4. You may reschedule your appointment once, more than once will require an additional retainer and your original retainer will be forfeited. PLEASE COMMIT TO YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME!

  5. If you “no call, no show” or cancel the day of your appointment, you will not be allowed to schedule another appointment.



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